Inputs for steel making and construction

Limestone is a mineral additive that is present on a large scale in the steel making and construction markets. SB Mineração offers inputs to these different segments, always focusing on quality and efficiency. Both versions can be purchased in bulk.


Limestone for steel making


In this one, calcium oxide reacts with impurities containing sulfur. Limestone for steel making is fundamental for reactions of this type in high-temperature metallurgical processes, in which the gases react with the acidic impurities. Our product meets the physico-chemical needs according to the need of the customer’s operation.


Input for the construction industry


Limestone as an input for the construction industry may come in the form of raw material, or as rocks used in road construction and other works. This type of use represents a large volume of limestone produced, but is often included in the statistics of milled rocks.




  • Cement production, mortar and concrete.
  • Ceramic production.
  • Foundations.
  • Road paving (grit and gravel soil).

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